Saturday, 15 February 2014

Custom Calgary Renovations: Your Ticket to Luxury Real Estate Markets

In the spirit of the city’s new character, high-income Calgary homeowners who are not afraid to embark on an upscale renovation project can have a slice of luxury of their own by hiring one of the best Calgary renovation contractors like Pinnacle Group. The work these companies do not only provides design solutions that complement the Client’s unique needs, but also makes for great investments that may eventually turn a great profit for enterprising owners.

If the aim of the homeowner is to resell the property at a later time, however, it will help to keep in mind that certain custom renovations tend to attract more potential buyers than others. Specifically, upscale Calgary renovations should focus on kitchen and bathroom additions, which are touted as the most appealing features of a luxury home, followed by the living room and the master suite. Exterior makeovers are also important, but only when they are done in totality, that is, including all doors, siding, windows, lights, and exterior decorations.

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