Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pinnacle Offers Inclusive Warranty on Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

"While a total of a five-year warranty is offered for Calgary bathroom renovations activities and other projects, Pinnacle does not provide warranty for the materials used, as these fall within the responsibility of the manufacturers. However, the five-year warranty already gives a comprehensive coverage of the actual work the company has done for the services their clients have availed. Customers should also note that the warranty, plus the ‘Client for Life’ program, is only good as long as clients retain ownership of their property for the duration of the warranty. People with specific concerns about bathroom renovations and builder warranty should visit for more information and contact a dedicated team member to give clear answers to specific inquires. Pinnacle Group completes renovations and custom builds in Calgary and surrounding areas."

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

One of the Top Calgary Renovation Companies Gives Farmhouse a New Look

"Many homeowners value the integrity, honesty, and the utmost professionalism from builders, and Pinnacle is the epitome of all of these. They clearly tell clients what to expect during the renovation and custom build process, and are genuinely sincere in answering concerns. Some have even described their experience with Pinnacle as too good to be true, as the Calgary renovator always delivers above and beyond what was expected. In their sixteen years of doing business as a key player among Calgary renovation companies, the Pinnacle Group has a clean record when it comes to complaints and issues on their services, such as advertising, billing, and warranty. In fact, this superb record has earned them an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 2011 BBB Business Ethics Awards."

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Leader in Home Renovations in Calgary is a SECOR™-Certified Company

"SECOR™ (short for Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) is a work safety training program created by the Alberta Construction Safety Association. To achieve this accreditation, a company must have at least 10 employees who have finished the in-depth health and safety program, and passed the subsequent exam. However, SECOR™ is not a one-time certification, but rather a long-term program. Maintaining it requires undergoing constant training and annual audits conducted by a committee designated by the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (COR™)."

Friday, 4 July 2014

Calgary Kitchen Renovations Firm: Understand the difference between Cost-Plus versus Design-Build/Fixed Cost builder models

"The term “Design-Build” means the design and construction of a project is contracted by the same company. In the Cost-Plus Model, the contractor is only in charge of building the project and the design is handled by a third party. Contrasting both, it becomes clear that communication is more streamlined in the Design-Build setup. However, the biggest difference between the two is the cost risk and accountability when it comes to budget adherence. In a Cost-Plus System, it is the client that shoulders the above-mentioned items. This means that if construction takes longer than expected, or if sudden expenses arise during construction, the homeowner will have to cover the extra cost. In fact, statistics show that 80% of renovation-related court cases are tied to cost accountability."

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Calgary Bathroom Renovation Companies Offer More than Renovations

"Often it is assumed that with a price tag of this magnitude, a luxury home is move–in–ready; however, although the finishes may be opulent and the amenities spectacular, it does not mean the spaces are in alignment with the needs and requirements of the buyer’s lifestyle or design preferences. Buyers of these high-end properties still request renovations or a cosmetic overhaul that vary from specific rooms like kitchen and bathroom renovations in Calgary to complete makeovers. Fortunately there are a variety of financial solutions available, providing a Purchase-Plus or Refinance-Plus Improvements Mortgage that will include the cost of the upgrades into the total loan. Homeowners would do well to enlist the services of home renovation companies like Pinnacle Group that offer Design-Build services. Design-Build is a term used to describe a project delivery system in which the design and construction of a full home, kitchen or bathroom renovation in Calgary is contracted by a single

Noted Calgary Renovations Company Promotes Return on Lifestyle Mindset

"Before any home improvement or custom build project takes place, Pinnacle encourages homeowners to consider what their major influence is on their family’s decision to renovate or custom build – Return On Investment (ROI), or what Pinnacle call’s Return On Lifestyle (ROL). If a homeowner is Renovating or Custom Building their house with the ultimate influence being that of resale value, the primary focus is ROI; the company identifies this as the “commodity mindset”. On the other hand, those who focus more on their family’s present and future lifestyle needs and how the design of their home can support these, are embracing the “lifestyle mindset”. The focus shifts from asking, “What do you want to do to your house?” instead to “How do you want to live in your home?” Paul Klassen, CEO of Pinnacle Group, believes that homes should encourage and support a healthy family dynamic, and that families can focus on creating spaces that promote a sense of unity and meet the varying needs of