Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Calgary Home Renovations Group to Feature StageItSold™ Program in 2014

Calgary, Alberta (December 26, 2013) – Throughout 2014, the Pinnacle Group, a reliable company that helps families with home renovations in Calgary, will work with Patricia Virk of the Bank of Montreal to feature their StageItSold™ Program. The company will be holding lunch and learn seminars to educate Calgary’s real estate agents on how they can benefit from the program, which is a division of the Pinnacle Group of Companies.

StageItSold™ is a renovation program designed to help real estate agents with the difficulties they encounter when listing properties that are unappealing to prospective buyers. These properties are often considered too “old” or “dated” by home buyers, who have difficulty envisioning how to make an ideal home out of such properties. Even when buyers can think of how they can improve a property, most would rather work with properties that require less effort to fix.

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