Thursday, 14 August 2014

Pinnacle Group Offers Free Assessment on Proposed Calgary Renovations

"The Pinnacle Group of Companies believes that this is a necessary first step that allows homeowners to get honest feedback and insight on their initial Calgary renovation project as well as get acquainted with Pinnacle Group and their process. If the client agrees, this will then lead to further detailed conversation, which will include a tour of the client’s home for further discovery. Those who are interested in doing renovations on their kitchen, main-floor, bath, exterior, basement, bedrooms, or even making some additions to their home, should visit This will help homeowners know more about how the company’s free assessment can be the first step to turning their visions into reality."

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Calgary Home Renovations Company Observes Anniversary of 2013 Flooding

"The Pinnacle Group, a leading Calgary home renovations and custom build company, has joined the people of Alberta in observing the anniversary of the 2013 flooding that destroyed many homes in the province’s capital. During this event, the company also took time to revisit Trish Dribnenki, a flooding victim whose home—and life—Pinnacle Group helped rebuild after the disaster. Trish Dribnenki, a devoted single mother who worked hard to raise her son Oliver, lost everything she had in last year’s floods. The catastrophic event left the Dribnenki family with nothing but belongings soaked in mud and water. They had no money except a little amount from insurance that was not even enough to start a home renovation in Calgary. "

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Calgary Bathroom Renovations Firm to Revamp a Crucial Design Tool

"Pinnacle Group, which provides world-class bathroom renovations in Calgary and the surrounding communities, is currently working on an editable, digital version of its popular design, needs, and alignment (DNA) document. Planned for release this August, the revamped tool will make the filling out and submission process easier for clients as both steps can now be accomplished online. The DNA document is a crucial element of Pinnacle Group’s Building Planning Process, in the Design-Discovery phase. Included in this document is a comprehensive needs analysis questionnaire that the family fills out together. It covers both general questions and specific questions, like the number of residents in the household or the specific design features the client would like to incorporate."

Friday, 8 August 2014

Calgary Kitchen Renovations Company Launches Mobile Responsive Website

"Pinnacle Group, a Calgary kitchen renovations company known for detailed home improvement projects, recently launched the mobile responsive version of its website. This improvement makes web pages recognise the computer or gadget being used to view them. With the boost, Pinnacle’s online platform can now be accessed with ease on all types of devices and will continue to deliver superior customer experience. Moving towards a mobile responsive design is a big leap for the company as it recognises that many people looking to do renovations and custom build projects rely on their smartphones and tablets to quickly gather information and get inspiring ideas on the fly. People today carry their mobile devices everywhere and it is only fitting that Pinnacle caters to the kind of lifestyle prevalent among its loyal customers and target market."

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Calgary Custom Home Builders Lining Up Late Summer/Early Fall Events

"Pinnacle Group has always been committed to educating homeowners on how to achieve a successful custom home build or renovation. This dedication to caring for their clients throughout the entire project lifecycle—from the initial point of contact, to the project turn over and beyond to warranty follow through —is what makes the company one of the best Calgary custom home builders around. It is keeping this philosophy of educating their clients in mind that has inspired Pinnacle Group to regularly organize various events to help fulfill this purpose. The company is currently working on securing the dates for the planned events for the late summer and early autumn, in line with their commitment to live up to their tradition of education and transparency, as with the years that have preceded it."

Monday, 4 August 2014

Respected Renovation Companies in Calgary Adhere to New Anti-Spam Laws

"In addition, the CASL legislation requires that all advertising must be true and not designed to mislead recipients. This applies to all portions of electronic messages, including the sender information, subject matter information, URLs, and/or any metadata included. As one of the top Calgary renovation companies, Pinnacle Group understands the importance of protecting its customers and clients from abusive marketing practices. Having always maintained a focus on providing a positive client experience at all times, Pinnacle Group is on top of the issue and assures its clients that it will comply with the requirements of the new law."

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pinnacle Offers Inclusive Warranty on Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

"While a total of a five-year warranty is offered for Calgary bathroom renovations activities and other projects, Pinnacle does not provide warranty for the materials used, as these fall within the responsibility of the manufacturers. However, the five-year warranty already gives a comprehensive coverage of the actual work the company has done for the services their clients have availed. Customers should also note that the warranty, plus the ‘Client for Life’ program, is only good as long as clients retain ownership of their property for the duration of the warranty. People with specific concerns about bathroom renovations and builder warranty should visit for more information and contact a dedicated team member to give clear answers to specific inquires. Pinnacle Group completes renovations and custom builds in Calgary and surrounding areas."