Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Noted Calgary Renovations Company Promotes Return on Lifestyle Mindset

"Before any home improvement or custom build project takes place, Pinnacle encourages homeowners to consider what their major influence is on their family’s decision to renovate or custom build – Return On Investment (ROI), or what Pinnacle call’s Return On Lifestyle (ROL). If a homeowner is Renovating or Custom Building their house with the ultimate influence being that of resale value, the primary focus is ROI; the company identifies this as the “commodity mindset”. On the other hand, those who focus more on their family’s present and future lifestyle needs and how the design of their home can support these, are embracing the “lifestyle mindset”. The focus shifts from asking, “What do you want to do to your house?” instead to “How do you want to live in your home?” Paul Klassen, CEO of Pinnacle Group, believes that homes should encourage and support a healthy family dynamic, and that families can focus on creating spaces that promote a sense of unity and meet the varying needs of

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